how to download youtube videos

Easily download youtube videos

Step 1:
First you need to visit the youtube video that you want to download!

Step 2:

Now copy the URL of that Video (ex):

now modify that URL as shown below
insert "ss" in the begining of the video (without "")

Step 3:

Then you are redirected to the below link as shown below

Step 4:

here you can Download the full video in the available formates as shown below

  • FLV 240p
  • MP4 360p
  • MP4 720p
  • WebM 360p
  • 3GP 144p
  • 3GP 240p
  • 3D MP4 360p
  • 3D MP4 720p
  • 3D WebM 360p
  • MP4 480p
  • MP4 1080p
  • Audio MP4 48
  • Audio MP4 128