How to Install JailBreak Tweaks on iPhone Without iFile and Cydia

There square measure a large amount of nice mods and tweaks on the market in Cydia, however sometimes there'll be one you wish to put in that has not however created it into one in every of the most repositories however. If you're not patient, and need it just, it may be still be put in by manually putting the .deb file directly onto your device and putting in it with iFile. This method needs it slow and skills of the pc, that several folks have and reciprocally it will prevent alot of cash that was to be spent whereas shopping for iFile.

I have used iFile persistently and it works terribly with efficiency, however you would possibly not wish to pay five greenbacks on that. as luck would have it, there's a free various to iFile referred to as iFunBox, though it needs the employment of your laptop or portable computer to perform actions. just a few actions and that they don't seem to be a lot of bother some, and might be performed simply.

With this app put in, you'd simply plug your jailbroken iOS seven device into your laptop and start navigating like several alternative file individual. whereas it’s a straightforward method, it will need a number of a lot of steps than victimization iFile would, ou will see them within the below guide.

Following is that the terribly simple technique On a way to Install flight Tweaks on iPhone while not Cydia and iFile. Do mind that each one the steps below square measure to be finished preciseness and care, thus you dont disfigure your iPhone.

Step 1: Install iFunBox

The great issue concerning iFunBox, apart from being free, is that it’s not exclusive to macintosh or Windows users. you'll notice the transfer files for your OS victimization the links below.

For macintosh and For Windows

Step 2: Install AFC2ADD

If you plug your device and launch iFunBox currently, you’ll solely have restricted capability and no access to bound folders that square measure required to manually install tweaks.

To be ready to read and access these folders, you'll ought to install afc2add from the ModMyi repo in Cydia. it's free and will what we'd like that's to urge acces to files, conjointly called rootage files and folders access.
How to Install flight Tweaks on iPhone while not iFile and Cydia

Step 3: produce AN AutoInstall Folder

After obtaining the required conditions, plug your iPad or iPhone into your laptop and launch iFunBox. Navigate to Raw filing system - volt-ampere - Rootand finally Media, which is able to be in all probability empty.

Create a replacement folder in Media by clicking on the New Folder icon and name itCydia. Once within the Cydia folder, produce another folder and name it automotive vehicle Install. See within the image below.
How to Install flight Tweaks on iPhone while not iFile and Cydia

Step 4: Copy Files to AutoInstall

Now after you square measure finished making a replacement folder you've got to enter the new AutoInstall folder, choose the Copy From macintosh possibility and find your .deb file, you would possibly have to be compelled to browse so as to seek out that file. successive step is to put it within the folder, choose Refresh to substantiate the file stirred there, then shut iFunBox.

How to Install flight Tweaks on iPhone while not iFile and Cydia

Step 5: finish off Your Device

Back on your device, shut it down, Cylinder, solely appeared once move down then beginning contemporary.

Some tweaks works once you restart the device and a few tweaks finish off once you resuscitate your flight device, the app I put in as i aforementioned before showed up once the resuscitate. thus it solmely depends upon your fate and therefore the tweak you're putting in, as rebooting may take down the tweaks you put in before, however if you own your device for a few time currently, you must grasp that tweak getting to get blown away once the resuscitate.

How to Install flight Tweaks on iPhone while not iFile and Cydia

When your device starts up, the new tweak are there and prepared to be used. it should take a number of further steps than iFile, however it'll conjointly prevent a number of greenbacks. within the initial few makes an attempt it takes time however once few times , its becomes quite simple and you dont have to be compelled to browse the steps you've got to perform from any post , you only associate with the flow and do all the steps. And doing things while not reading them is what professionals do, And you'll be a 1 simply by acting it for like few times.

I hope this Guide was helpful for you guys and it helped you on a way to Install flight Tweaks on iPhone while not Cydia and iFile and saved you a few of greenbacks. typically its not concerning the money however the abilities you get whereas acting these reasonably tricks.

Let us grasp if you've got any reasonably downside whereas acting this guide.

How To Download Torrent Files

I prefer you to use

Follow the steps. its very easy to do.
- Go to

- Type your desires search in the search box and press enter.Like i did.

- Click on the desire one you want to download. I clicked on the first One.
After clicking you will be given downloading links. you can download from any source which are given.
Sources can be different.

After clicking new link will be opened and you can download your desired torrent file from that link.
After downloading your torrent file will be shown below your browser if you are using google chrome.


How to earn from Android smartphone

Several studies show that golem is that the most used and darling mobile OS these days. it's calculable that additional that eightieth of all smartphones during this world. after you bought your golem smartphone, you need to have paid ton of cash for it. Later, you need to have spent some cash on shopping for applications from Play Store still. this can be what happens with anyone. However, currently Google has offered U.S. an easy technique to earn some buck from our smartphone still. you'll not have to be compelled to do any agitated task or develop something. You provide Google couple of minutes from your busy routine, and Google regards your effort with Google Play Credit. With Google Play credit, you'll be able to obtain apps from Play Store while not paying something.

This application is concerning numerous surveys. currently one could raise that why would any company get hold of responsive few queries. it's sort of a scam. however this can be Google we have a tendency to are talking concerning, therefore forget the “Scam” word here. Actually, all the product created by Google are supported the opinion by public. after you ar creating one thing for billions, then it's laborious to choose what's going to be best for all of them. So, they conduct numerous surveys then it helps them to choose that new options they have to feature or to get rid of from their product.

There ar range of surveys obtainable at a {while|it slow|your time} while none at alternative times. what proportion Google pays you for a survey are some things we have a tendency to cannot tell obviously. Google pays up to $1 for one survey certain  of Play Store credits. Google can mechanically advise you just in case if any new survey is out there to be completed. If you continue it, we have a tendency to ar positive that you simply are going to be able to obtain books, movies, magazines and alternative things from Play Store for yourself.

This supply is presently obtainable to users from USA solely. we have a tendency to ar hopeful that it'll be created obtainable to users outside of USA. if you willing to prticipate, then you'll be able to visit the transfer links given at the top.

Video Conference Android

Top 3 Ways to do Video Conference On Android

Mobile video chat is additional of a sensible reality nowadays than ever before, currently that almost about each new device sports a front-facing camera and a blisteringly quick net affiliation. therefore if you would like to undertake out face-to-face voice communication with friends or co-workers placed elsewhere within the world, what is the best way? once examining six fashionable video chat apps running on humanoid OS, here's our withstand which of them work well and which of them you'd higher leave on the shelf.

Skype The apps we're watching here embody Skype, Fring, ooVoo, Tango, Qik and Paltalk, All of those apps area unit obtainable across across multiple mobile and/or desktop platforms. For the needs of this text, though, we tend to tested the humanoid OS app on one or two of humanoid devices: specifically, a Samsung layer smartphone and - aside from Qik - a Motorola XOOM pill. (As you will see below, Qik does not support the XOOM.)

Skype hardly appears to want any introduction here, since it's one among the foremost known and wide used communications apps on the web. additionally to video chat, voice chat, and instant electronic communication (IM), Skype supports VoIP career to outside numbers beginning at two.3 cents per minute. therefore it's fairly comprehensive.

With virtually 700 million registered users, and consumer computer code for each major package, Skype is additionally in theory the foremost broadly speaking compatible of the video chat choices out there. Its touted compability does not stop at OSes. Skype is rated to figure with each humanoid device listed on my Google Play / Android Market account, as well as review units still listed there that i am unable to delete. Here area unit some examples: the Samsung Galaxy Player five, HTC Status, and Viewsonic G-Tablet.

I can't speak to Skype's actual video chat performance across all supported platforms, however it behaved cleanly on my layer phone and XOOM pill. I additionally found the humanoid app quite straightforward to use.
Fring of course, no app or service is while not some negatives. Ironically, one among Skype's is its own omnipresence. once you begin a brand new account, you may notice it troublesome to come back up with a novel username, even though you are simply trying to use your own real name.

Next up is Fring, that tries to be a low-rent version of Skype. very like its rival, Fring additionally will video chat, IM, voice calls, and VoIP to outside numbers. However, Fring manner undercuts Skype on prices, giving rates of simply one.1 cents per minute on calls to the U.S., but 1/2 Skype's value.

Beyond that, Fring is one among the few video chat apps obtainable for Nokia's previous Symbian-based phones. not like Skype, though, Fring may be a strictly mobile scene with no desktop/laptop computer consumer, which means that the majority folks will not be ready to use the service across all of their devices.

Although Fring will attempt, and it succeeds in some ways in which, it's command back by a interface that is but spectacular. several of the choices ought to be accessed through the Settings menu. Moreover, most of the app's VoIP choices are literally simply a link to a page on the Fring information processing system, forcing awkward navigation for accomplishing tasks like adding credit or searching for per minute rates.

If you ne'er required to manage your minutes - and you ne'er required to use the service once you are not on the go - Fring would be additional viable. however since folks ought to do this stuff, the corporate would be more happy golf stroke to a small degree additional work into its computer code before going toe-to-toe with Skype.

Despite its oddly punctuated name, ooVoo acquits itself quite well because the next best various to Skype. The service is obtainable for all major platforms - as well as Microsoft Windows PCs, Android, and Apple's OS X and iOS - and it offers principally constant options as Skype. In alternative words, text electronic communication, voice calls, video calls, and VoIP area unit all there.

The ooVoo service does not provide career to as several countries as Skype will, however its VoIP rates for those it will cowl area unit pretty low, running at one.8 cents a second to the U.S. and Canada, as an example.

One of ooVoo's real commerce points, however, is its cluster video career choice. whereas Skype offers this solely with premium service, at rates of $10 monthly or $60 yearly, ooVoo provides cluster video for up to 6 folks freed from charge.

(Of course, ooVoo additionally has its own premium service, however upselling is usually the name of the sport.)

How to Change Blogger Template or Theme?

To change your blog template first you need to download a template from internet which you want to apply to your blog. There are many sources of blogger template on the internet from where you can get lot of professional templates easily for free. Just go to Google and search for “Blogger Templates” and download a template of your choice. Once you have your template, perform below steps.
  • Log in to your Blogger account.
  • Now click on the drop down menu and choose Template.
  • Press the Backup/Restore Button located at the top right center.

  • First you Should download your Existing Template First.

  • Now Click on Choose File and Select your Template from your OS
  • Once you Uploaded your Template.Click on Upload
  • Done, Enjoy!

How To Safe Laptop From Crashing?

1. Hold it clean – mistreatment correct cleansing merchandise. If you need it to last, your laptop computer has to be a clean machine. But, don’t proceed overboard and use harsh cleansing merchandise. Avoid utilising general house cleaners, or any factor that includes dissolver, ammonia, or beverage.

2. Shut it down properly. If you simply shut your laptop computer, you’re not very closing it down properly. All package programs, encompassing your functioning theme ought to be rebooted (restarted) from time to time. Doing this on a daily basis may be a smart perform to carry your laptop running at peek presentation.

3. Defend it with a case. Bumps and lets slip square measure inevitable. you'll defend your laptop from abundant (although by no means all) of the impairment initiated by these accidents with a case. things moreover conceive character, thus be inventive after you choose yours.

4. Shut down spills directly. If you spill bound factor on your laptop, dry it up promptly. I moreover bought a plastic cowl to safeguard the keyboard section of my laptop computer as this stops spills from obtaining beneath the keys. Mashable suggests the “rice procedure” – plopping your laptop during a bag of rice when a spill. If you reside during a wet space like Florida, it's a decent plan to dry out your laptop from time to time.

5. Gift revisions ofttimes. We’ve in writing regarding this before. It’s implausibly necessary to gift updates usually. to get additional, ascertain out:

6. Don’t work with a untidy desktop. Having too several files, etc. on your desktop will significantly decrease your computer’s presentation.

7. After you install things, listen to the boxes you ascertain. Often, you will be unwittingly adding different toolbars and “associated” programs. Avoiding these unwanted supplements will be as straightforward as un-checking a box.

8. Notice a good anti-virus. Malware bytes, WindowAntiVirus, Trend small, and Panda square measure the alternatives of our development cluster. Visit those sites to present your laptop a health check
9. Command the weather. Your laptop computer shouldn’t become too heat or too cold. one in all the foremost frequent places with farthest weather is that the trunk of your vehicle – thus bypass going your laptop computer there. If you want to, perpetually store it during a laptop bag.

10. If you’re saving your laptop for over a handful of days, make certain you don’t have a full electrical electrical device. Chris Murtagh, our person school knowledgeable, states five hundredth power is right.

How To Increase Laptop Battery?

You often might have detected completely different buzz by your colleague or individuals around you speech communication that their laptop computer battery has stopped operating or it's going to have happened together with your laptop computer too. withal, what's the precise reason of this cause we have a tendency to don't understand as a result of there ar verities of reasons which will cause harm to your laptop’s battery?

We all understand that laptop computer is associate degree expansive device. additionally, if once it turns wrong then it will empty our pocket. Moreover, once it involves battery then we have a tendency to should be a lot of careful regarding it since the laptop computer depends on its battery. Well there's associate degree recent phrase, which says, “Precaution is best than cure”. So today, I actually have come back up with such tips and tricks through that you'll be able to extent your laptop’s battery life.Now, have a glance on helpful ways that to extend your laptop’s battery life -

1. Infix Charger only if the Battery Goes Low

Most of the laptop computer users ar habituated to stay their laptop computer on the permanent charging. Such users should remember as a result of the permanent charging will cause a large harm to your battery life. you want to take away the charger from your laptop computer shortly once it's charged 100%. Moreover, connect it once more to charger once your laptop computer starts displaying that you just battery wants charging.

2. Ne'er Fold the Wires of the Charger Too Tightly

We typically see that once mistreatment the laptop computer users fold the battery’s wire too tightly. they're not aware that what proportion dangerous it are often for the battery. whereas folding the wires too tightly, stretch happens at completely different points of the wire which will result in the breaking of wire from within. This can not be detected from the surface and might cause vast harm to the battery whereas charging it.

3. Shut down the property Switches once Not Used

Generally the laptop computer user’s, use Bluetooth for sharing things and Wi-Fi for the net property on the regular basis. However, they usually forget to show off these connecting switches once not in use. bear in mind this could eat up your laptop’s battery life. So always, shut down these switches once not in use.

 4. Cut back the light of the digital display Screen

While mistreatment laptop computer during a smart supply of sunshine invariably bear in mind to decrease the light of the digital display screen of your laptop computer. the explanation behind this is often that the high level of the brightness also can result in the harm of your laptop’s battery.


The on top of mention tips are little things and you'll be able to apply it simply. the following tips will assist you plenty to increase your laptop’s battery life. From my purpose of read, you want to begin applying the following tips from these days onward as a daily routine whereas mistreatment your laptop computer. in order that your laptop’s battery is also protected against the more damages and you'll be able to use it for a protracted amount.

How to Insure Your Home

How to Insure Your Home - Step By Step Process

Homeowners insurance protects your home, its contents, and, indirectly, your other assets in the event of fires, theft, accidents or other disasters.

A standard homeowners policy (known as an HO-3 policy) will protect you from things like fires and fallen trees. Notice how we didn’t mention floods or earthquakes—those events are specifically not covered by a standard policy and require additional coverage. Homeowners in some areas of the country may be required by theirmortgage company to carry these kinds of policies.

A standard policy will also protect your possessions from said disasters as well as theft. But a standard policy is not ablank check: there’s a limit to how much you’ll be compensated. If you have specific items of value, such as jewelry or artwork, you can pay a little extra each year to insure them for their full replacement value.

Now, if someone is on your property andslips and falls and sprains his ankle, he might sue you for his medical expenses.Homeowners insurance covers your liabilities in this situation as well. And like the examples mentioned above, you can pay more for extra coverage. Homeowners insurance isn’t required by law, like auto insurance. But mortgage companies usually require you to obtain a policy before they’ll give you a loan.

How Much Coverage Do You Need? Your home-insurance policy should cover enough to entirely rebuild and furnish your home were it wiped off the map. Ask a home builder to walk through your home and give you an estimate of what it would take to rebuild; that figure should be the basis for how much replacement coverage you’ll need. Be sure to point out any unique and/or expensive details that would add to the replacement cost.

Once you’ve determined the replacement cost of your home, you’ll need to know what kind of coverage you want. There are a few key terms here:

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost Coverage– This means that the insurer will pay for the rebuilding of your home no matter the cost. These policies are hard to find these days. 
  • Extended Replacement Coverage– Many insurers offer coverage that caps the payout at around 125% of your home’s insured value. 
  • Inflation Guarantee (or Guard) – This feature makes sure that your home’s insured value stays current with the marketplace.

If you get a reliable appraisal, extended replacement coverage and an inflation guarantee, you should be in good shape. The appraisal provides a realistic starting figure and the inflation guarantee makes sure that your home’s price stays current. The 125% coverage means that, even if construction prices outpace inflation, they probably didn’t outpace it by 25%, so you should have enough money for whatever work you need done.

One last thing: The law requires you to have flood insurance if you live in an officially recognized high-risk area. To find out your flood risk and to find plans (which are offered by the government), go to

When it comes to protecting your possessions, you may want more coverage than your standard policy allows. If you have anything of exceptional value (a family heirloom, a piece of art, jewelry, etc.), you should insure it separately. Insurers will charge extra for this coverage (something like an extra $10 on your monthly premium per $1,000 of value insured), but it pays to be covered.

Also keep in mind that there are two different kinds of coverage when it comes to personal articles. There’s “actual cash value” and there’s “replacement cost.” You want coverage for replacement cost. Actual Cash Value Insurance is what you’d get if you sold your valuable today — a lower amount than what you initially paid. Replacement Cost Insurance pays you the amount of money you’d need to buy a brand-new item to replace your old one. Liability Coverage Say a guest stays at your home and slips on the floor and sprains his ankle. He decides to sue you. Your homeowners policy includes liability coverage in case you lose the court case. Generally speaking, standard policies offer $100,000 to $300,000 of liability coverage.

Supplemental liability coverage can boost your protection to $1 million or more. If you don’t own a car, adding that kind of coverage can be relatively cheap—less than $100 per year—and isn’t a bad idea. If you do own a car (putting you at greater risk for causing damage to people and property), expect to pay $300 to $400 a year. Check out your auto policy to see what kind of coverage you already have.

Shopping for a Homeowners Policy There are three kinds of home insurancecompanies and salespeople: Direct sellers, who sell directly to consumers Captive agents, who only sell one company’s insurance products and independent insurance agents, who sell policies from many different companies.

It’s possible that all of these groups will deny your insurance application for anything from the risky pool of alligators in your backyard or the tornado that runs through your property every year. Don’t despair. Many states have state-sponsored insurance programs for the hard-to-insure. Search for your state’s FAIR (Fair Access to Insurance Requirements) plan if you’re having a tough time with the traditional insurers.

Your Deductible Like auto or health insurance, your homeowners insurance has a deductible (the amount you must pay before coverage kicks in). Like those other policies, you should opt for the highest deductible you can afford. If you do, the cost of your insurance premium (the monthly bill you pay) will surely be lower. Plus, a low deductible forces your insurer to cover more of your costs — costs they pass on to you in the form of increased premiums.

Remember: You should not use insurance to cover every conceivable expense, just the big ones. If reinstalling a gutter will cost you $200, pay the $200 — don’t start filing claims for it. Insurers hate it when you file too many claims, and may raise your monthly premium or even cancel coverage because they’ll view you as too risky. It’s not about gutters—you want the insurance when you have to pay for a whole new roof.

Facebook Willing To Buy WhatsApp

Facebook Willing To Buy WhatsApp For $16 Billion

I came across this article online and decided to share, it shows how much money can be made just by simple commitment and continuity.
Read the report by Reuters below:
Facebook Inc will buy fast-growing mobile-messaging startup WhatsApp for $16 billion in cash and stock, as the world’s largest social network looks for ways to boost its popularity, especially among a younger crowd.

Facebook said on Wednesday it will pay $4 billion in cash and about $12 billion in stock in its single largest acquisition, dwarfing the $1 billion it paid for photo-sharing app Instagram.

Shares in Facebook slid 5 percent to $64.70 after hours, from a close of $68.06 on the Nasdaq.
As part of the deal, WhatsApp co-founder and Chief Executive Jan Koum will join Facebook’s board, and the social network will grant an additional $3 billion worth of restricted stock units to WhatsApp’s founders, including Koum.

Also, Facebook promised to keep the WhatsApp brand and service, and pledged a $1 billion cash break-up fee were the deal to fall through.
Facebook was advised by Allen & Co, while WhatApp has enlisted Morgan Stanley for the deal.

Add a Animated Loading Effect to Blogger

Now a days so many bloggers want to make their blog something different form others or to make unique among all blogs. if you are also thinking in the same manner then you came to right place. Now in this post  I am going to explain how to add  animated loading effect whenever user click on the link  or another post link.
It takes less loading time and it also makes the visitors to stay for more longer time. It also brings user an awesome  feature in which they  will never see such awesome feature. By adding this you will see the live experience of animated effect. ok I don’t want to waste your time. Just follow some simple steps.

  • First Login to the blogger account.
  • Click on Dashboard
  • Click on template at the right side tab
  • Clcik on Edit HTML .
  • Press ctrl + Fand search </body> in your blog template

Finally  Add  the  code  just above the </body> Section.

    #tbt-page-loader {
    position: fixed!important;
    top: 0;
    right: 0;
    bottom: 0;
    left: 0;
    z-index: 9999;
    background:#000 url('') no-repeat 50% 30%;
    color: #FFF;
    display: none;
    font: 0/0 a;
    text-shadow: none;
    padding: 1em 1.2em;

click on save template.

that's it your blog will be loaded with the animated loading effect with awasomeness and make visitors not leave your blog by seeing the loading effect.