Indian First Blogger

Now blogging is became a full time job for all the bloggers, but you need to known the indian first blogger .
Amit Agarwal holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science from I.I.T. and has previously worked at ADP Inc. for clients like Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. In 2004,Amit quit his job to become India’s first and only Professional Blogger.

Amit authors the hugely popular and award-winning Digital Inspiration blog where he write's how to guides around computer software, consumer gadgets, and web apps. He has also written columns on personal technology for major publications including The Wall Street Journal India, The Financial Express, Outlook Magazine, CNN IBN, CNBC TV18 and The Hindustan Times.
Amit has appeared on various TV channels and radio shows including CNN IBN, BBC Radio, CNBC, NDTV, and more. HT mentions Amit as the founder of the Indian blogging revolution, The Economic Times calls.

Amit is the author of The Most Useful Websites, an ebook that discusses the lesser-known but incredibly useful sites on the web.

him as an out-of-the-box thinker while the prestigious Straits Times of Singapore included Amit in their list of Asia’s Blog Stars alongside Chinese actress Xu Jinglei (see press mentions).
Amit is a regular speaker at technology and blogging conferences. Microsoft awarded him the Most Valuable Professional award for five years in a row (2007-2011).
In 2010, Amit launched India Blog School, a non-profit initiative that aims to spread blogging culture in India. He is the curator of India Blogs, a directory of Indian bloggers.
Some of his other tech projects include Sleeping Time, Hundred Zeros, Podcast Gallery, Tall Tweets,RSS Search, HTML Mail, Online Dictation and the AdSense Sandbox.

how to sign in to same website using multiple accounts in Firefox

You know that Firefox is yet another brilliant web browser that is available for Windows, Mac, Android and other major platforms. This is brilliant because you will get tons of free add-ons, better privacy settings, master password and few other essential features which are just unavailable on other web browsers.

If you are mobile blogger, you can simply head on to this Mozilla Firefox
browser which works something like the desktop version and now a days it is coming with few other significant options as well. I have introduced so many tutorials like use Twitter from sidebar,
check memory size of used add-onsetc. However, Chrome is pretty fast than Firefox when it comes to web browsing in slow internet connection. Anyway, suppose you have more than one Facebookaccount. One for your business and the second one for your personal friends, family members

and relatives. If you are using Firefox and want to sign in to both of them at one time, you can either use the Normal window and Private window simultaneously or you can make use of Multifoxwhich would help you to sign in to same website using multiple accounts. This add-on is really great to sign in to particular blog or website using your multiple accounts because it stores history from both window. It also helps you t open single private window apart from normal browsing window. How to sing in to same website using multiple accounts? As mentioned before that this is pretty easy and not yet much time-consuming. At first, add Multifox in your Firefox browserand make sure that you have chosen Remember History under Privacy tab. 

Else, it won’t work. After that, sign in to any website with your first user account. Then press the corresponding button from the add-on bar and select Newor press Ctrl + Alt + M. It will automatically open a separate window. Just use this new window like normal browsing window. On the other end, if you have signed in to more than one account and want to do something in order to memorize them in better way, you can rename profile. For that, just navigate to the button >> Edit >> Rename. It will rename the current profile. There is no other settings or features and all the important and useful features have been mentioned here.

how to download youtube videos

Easily download youtube videos

Step 1:
First you need to visit the youtube video that you want to download!

Step 2:

Now copy the URL of that Video (ex):

now modify that URL as shown below
insert "ss" in the begining of the video (without "")

Step 3:

Then you are redirected to the below link as shown below

Step 4:

here you can Download the full video in the available formates as shown below

  • FLV 240p
  • MP4 360p
  • MP4 720p
  • WebM 360p
  • 3GP 144p
  • 3GP 240p
  • 3D MP4 360p
  • 3D MP4 720p
  • 3D WebM 360p
  • MP4 480p
  • MP4 1080p
  • Audio MP4 48
  • Audio MP4 128

how to add facebook page admin in mobile

Now  a days facebook pages have good polularity.
so many create facebook pages for entertainment or busyness purpose or else.
you need to add another admin for maintain your page.
its easy to add facebook page admin in pc but  now a days so many use mobiles.
so here a trick to add facebook page admin in mobile.

3. Now Go to Address bar and Edit Current Address as
instead of
4.Now Go to Admin Pannel
5.Here you can change Admins for your page and add new admins
6.Now Click on add new admin
7.Now select New Admin Roles as Manager/Content Creator/Modifier
8..Now enter His mail id that linked with facebook and exit.


Now a days blogging is became a good way to make money from online, once upon a time blogging is starting like a hobby but now blogging is full and part time job for the so many bloggers.

Things We Need For Blogging

  • There is no need of  qualification
  • Your hard work is main thing we need in the blogging world
  • You have to learn your self
  • Just concentrate on your blog posts
  • Never copy the posts in other blogs, always post original content in your blog
  • Do friendship with the professional blogger
  • Forget about money
  • Always think that your hardwork gain you to earn money
  • Create a blog that in which topic you are interested in and publish it on blogger or  wordpress or anything else
  • Professional bloggers are also newbie’s when they are start their blogs, so never think that  you are newbie
  • Attract the visitors with your posts
  • You need to use social networking sites too, because now a day’s social networking sites  play a major role to get a lot of traffic to your blog.. so don’t waste your time in social    networking sites, just use social networking sites for get a lot of traffic to your blog
  • If you have money then buy a custom domain, because custom domain have always good ranking.
  • Don’t post those things that you never about deeply, because sometimes its not work. so i suggest you to post what you know about deeply